History of HBSCA

Humber Bay Shores Condominium Association, a not-for-profit corporation, was established in 1997 to provide the residents the CONDOMINUM CORPORATIONS AND THEIR residents with a strong, common voice.  The goal of the Association is to provide input regarding the implementation of planned development of the area and to address infrastructure and other issues arising from growth, including traffic congestion and transit option, the nearby treatment plant and the surrounding park areas.

The first board of directors included volunteers from each of the original four corporations. The first president was Shirley Hitchcock, who remained the driving force behind HBSCA in various capacities until she moved away in 2008.  In 1997, the Association represented approximately 1200 residents; the current (2018) estimated number of residents is23,000.  In the next two years we are expected to be at 26,000. This is projected to grow to 32,000 within the next few years.

HBSCA is recognized by all levels of government for its dedication to community development and partnership. One of its early successes includes the annual clean-up day, held in early spring. Among the other early success stories are the traffic signal improvements to the intersection at Park Lawn and Lake Shore, the installation of the traffic signals at Legion Road and Lake Shore, and at the Gardiner off ramp.  HBSCA is frequently asked to consider development issues for the area, and in 2007, members were invited by the City of Toronto to participate in a design workshop to provide the neighbourhood perspective on the final phases of the developments.  The workshop provided a project review to update the existing Urban Design Guidelines to develop the Public Realm Plan for the Humber Bay Shores Area, and to shape the long-term vision of the area. One of the primary goals of the workshop was to ensure that all new construction would encompass adequate green space surrounding the buildings, with better use of podiums, step-down terracing, and slender towers to improve the overall look of the area, and to provide viable commercial and retail space, so that residents have access to essential services within walking distance of their homes.

HBSCA’s boundaries extend from the Humber River in the east to Grand Harbour in the west, Lake Shore Boulevard West in the south and the railroad tracks in the north.  The area received its official designation as “Humber Bay Shores” in 2013.

The Association now organizes several annual events such as the Waterfront Festival, and the golf tournament.  HBSCA also organized and is operating the farmers market, which started in the spring of 2013.

You can participate in the successes of the Association by volunteering for committee work. Please see “Contact Us” for contact information.

Illustrations of past community layout and current condition (satellite photos)