Organizational Structure

The representatives of each member corporation meet on a regular basis, usually monthly, to discuss current issues affecting the Humber Bay Shores community, and to plan and organize the various events.  HBSCA has four main committees:

  1. Building Community deals with the beautification and maintenance of the landscapes in the community in cooperation with the various city and provincial departments and organizations.
  2. Communications and Outreach, to keep the member corporations connected to each other and the wider community.
  3. Traffic and Transportation considers the various traffic and infrastructure problems faced by the community.
  4. Planning and Development, working with the city planning department and developers to exercise some influence over the developments that are still to be built, based on what we have learned from issues that have been associated with existing buildings.

Detailed information about each committee’s accomplishments and ongoing initiatives can be found by following the link to each committee.

General Information

  • HBSCA has a new head office at Legion Road and Lake Shore at Beyond the Sea, courtesy of the Empire Group, and at no cost to the membership;
  • We are participating in the workshops organized by the city regarding planning for the development of the Mr. Christie land, and have met with the representatives of the owners; and
  • The flagpole, which was donated to HBSCA by the former owner of the Hillcrest motel, has been moved to its new location at the entrance to Humber Bay Park East.