Building Community

Beautification Committee:  To maintain and enhance the current and future parklands within the community, in liaison with Mark Grimes’ office, the parks, forestry, and recreation departments, and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority.

Major accomplishments:

  • planning and completing the seating area near the pond below Newport Beach, and making it accessible particularly for residents of Hearthstone; the funds for the seating area were contributed by Davies Smith;
  • organizing and conducting the annual clean-up day (19th year);
  • more frequent trash pickup and new trash cans along waterfront;
  • maintaining and working with the Butterfly Habitat Stewardship;
  • Sheldon Lookout at the mouth of the Humber River, which was funded by Sylvia and David Sheldon of Palace Pier;
  • maintenance in Jean Augustine Park;
  • lobbying for the establishment of an off-leash area in Humber Bay Park West.

Ongoing initiatives:

  • meetings with representatives from Empire Communities and Phantom Developments to discuss establishing public access parks at their buildings, and providing off-leash areas for the convenience of their residents;
  • lobbying for the establishment of off-leash areas in Humber Bay Park East, along the north side of Lake Shore at Brookers Lane, and on Legion Road, behind Beyond the Sea;
  • continued negotiations with the city for the funds necessary to maintain the parks and waterfront amenities; requesting complete involvement and consultation in the lakefront parkland development south of Marine Parade Drive, including a vigorous maintenance program, and consultation regarding the disbursement of Section 37 monies;
  • reconsider and review use of the parklands in Humber Bay Park East on the peninsula where the ponds are located, to correct the current lack of water circulation in the ponds and to avoid creating an ideal mosquito breeding ground;
  • consultation on all area initiatives, such as tree planting, trash containers and bike route reconfiguration, prior to implementing such plans.