Communications and Outreach

Communications Committee: The main focus of the Communications Committee is to keep the member corporations connected to each other and the wider community, and serving the interests of owners by conducting research and investigation into problems connected with the ownership, development, management, financing, and promotion of real property in the area.

Major accomplishments:

  • creating and producing Humber Happenings magazine;
  • organizing and establishing the farmers market in Humber Bay Park Westin 2013;
  • organizing various annual events such as the clean-up day, the golf tournament, the Waterfront Festival, Shakespeare in the Park performances, the putting contest, and town hall meetings.
  • writing and submitting position papers on Harmonized Tax Study and its implications for Condominiums (used by CCI), and conducting Fair Taxation Study for Condominium Owners presented to city and provincial representatives.

Ongoing initiatives:

  • continued publication of Humber Happenings; and
  • Identifying interest in events and requirements of residents as the community expands.