Planning and Infrastructure

Planning and Infrastructure: In liaison with the city planning department and developers, HBSCA will continue to build on our efforts to date regarding traffic, transportation and other community infrastructure requirements, and encourage further enhancements to support future development in our area, by attending and/or requesting regular meetings with the city planning department staff, and developers and their project managers.

Major accomplishments:

  • supporting the construction of the Mimico Linear Park to extend the boardwalk to Grand Harbour;
  • negotiations with the city for the funds necessary to maintain the parks and waterfront amenities;

Ongoing initiatives:

  • working with city and TTC staff to ensure that traffic and infrastructure issues are addressed;
  • working with developers and planners to include the services, shopping, and restaurants required in the community;
  • negotiating with developers to make available an aggregate of approximately 700 parking spaces in the various buildings to facilitate these services;
  • ensure that developers are held accountable for infractions against their Build Plans, such as using streets they did not have in their plans, excessive dirt on public roads, unsafe traffic control, damaging street pavements and the subsequent inadequate repairs, and overuse/over limit vehicles; for example, asking city staff to conduct weekly inspections of the street maintenance, and if found to be unsatisfactory, having city crews clean the road and billing the developers;
  • discussions with Monarch regarding the Village Court to be constructed at the bottom of Brookers Lane at Marine Parade Drive; and
  • ongoing meetings regarding hydro and sewer infrastructures to improve capacity.