Traffic and Transportation

Traffic, Transportation and Safety:  Liaison with Councillor Mark Grimes, the Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto Fire, Toronto Police 22 Division, the traffic and transportation department, and parking authority and enforcement to improve and address service levels and infrastructure improvements.

Major accomplishments:

  • lobbying for and succeeding in obtaining the original extension of service on the 66D bus along Marine Parade Drive, and adding another bus, 66B, to the route because of increased ridership demands;
  • lobbying for and obtaining the express bus service to downtown Toronto during rush hour;
  • traffic lights at Lake Shore and Legion Road, Brookers Lane, and Newport Beach;
  • installation of parking meters and parking restrictions on Marine Parade Drive to alleviate congestion, and increased enforcement of the restrictions.

Ongoing initiatives:

  • exploring ways to ease traffic congestion on Park Lawn and Lake Shore, including constructing dedicated right turn lanes, closing the southbound exit ramp at Park Lawn, and eastbound Marine Parade Drive, during rush hour;
  • in addition, we are investigating the possibility of replacing “no parking” designations with “no stopping” designations in the Humber Bay Shores area; and discussing the possibility of making the new streets to be added in the newly built-up area alternating north and south one way street;
  • investigating improvements to the shared path along Marine Parade to facilitate safe use by the public, and increased enforcement of by-laws, including enforcement of speed limits on Marine Parade, control of speeding cyclists along the shared pathway, cars and bicycles going the wrong way on Waterfront Drive., dogs running off-leash, littering, fireworks and campfires in the parks;
  • conducting a complete and comprehensive review of the transportation strategy, including a realistic assessment of the redesign of Lake Shore, reworking traffic lights to a more efficient configuration, and investigating the possibility of making GO train service accessible to residents east and west of Park Lawn by adding a new stop at Park Lawn.